The Coat of Arms

Our Coat of Arms was adopted on the 21 September 1981.

The Green Shield represents the fertility and richness of our soil.

The blue and white wavy lines symbolise the water which brings life to our land.

The representation of Great Zimbabwe stands for the historical heritage of the nation.

The Rifle and Hoe represent the transition from war to peace.

The Wreath is formed of twisted strips of gold and green silk, and represents the mining and agricultural enterprise which protects our national economy.

The Wreath supports the Crest in which the star is an ancient symbol of hope for the future, tinctured red to remind us of the suffering of all our peoples and the need to avoid any recurrence of that suffering.

The Star bears the Great Zimbabwe Bird which has become our distinctive national emblem.

The ‘kudu’ Antelope in their natural colours display a harmonious blend of black, white and brown to symbolise the unity of purpose of the various ethnic groups which comprise the people of this country.

The earthen mound bears the plants which give food and clothing to the people.

The Motto (Unity, Freedom, Work) reminds us of our need to maintain a desire for national unity and the will to work, in order to preserve the freedom which we enjoy.


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